A letter from our President concerning Covid-19


We are all facing a very challenging time right now due to the virus 'Covid-19'. I know this is a very frustrating point for all of us all over the world, but it will pass as we are strong and will overcome this. However, in the meantime, please keep your children and loved ones safe and out of harms way during this crisis. As a father, I know all too well with having a child who has a compromised immune system just how important it is to be safe. Be sure you are not dragging anything in your homes that you may have worn while shopping or anything else on the outside of your home. Have good cleaning supplies, Lysol and bleach wipes and anything that can kill germs. If you or your child start to feel ill don't hesitate to get you or your child to the hospital right away. Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds and always have hand-sanitizer around. These are very important during this time. I know you all will do well by protecting your children and can't wait for the day this will be all over with. Take care all of you. I love you all! Remember if you don't have to go out don't. Stay in and stay safe!


David Breshears 

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4/2/2020 - LPOTW News Media

When it comes to the life of being a little person we strive to do what makes up happy no matter what they may be in this world. However, in today's times' other organizations are showing true colors by dictating and controlling what is acceptable in our society as a little person by stopping those people from truly being happy. What are we talking about here? We are talking about the lives of so many that have found comfort in who they are and are now at a loss for jobs, loss of money that was paying them well based on a controlling factor that other organizations have set forth to the world of which only they will allow or think to allow acceptable jobs for those with dwarfism. Over the last 3 years, we have heard from so many people that work in the entertainment world only to find that organizations even right here in the United States that are not part of Little People of the World Organization and never will be are doing just that and using the power of their gain to shut down jobs for those working in the field of entertainment. What kind of jobs are we talking about here? We are talking about jobs where little people dress up in costumes whether it be as an elf or leprechaun and other forms that entertain the masses with their lively-hood and income-based happiness. These types of jobs all over are being shut down due to "letters from organizations" here in the United States and abroad with threats or making claim to the offensive nature to what they feel should not be allowed. So many of these individuals have gone through being homeless, cutting their paychecks down to almost nothing and losing almost everything they have worked for due to companies of other organizations taking it upon themselves to dictate who and what is okay in this world. We have spoken to so many that have felt the pressure of not being able to be happy and force happiness when it truly isn't there because they have been shut down from what they love to do. We have actually spoken to certain companies as well that received letters, and or phone calls from organizations having them shut down. One such place that employed little people would hire them as elves during Christmas time to bring joy to children all over the United States took a huge cut during this time of losing close to $5,000 for just the month of December alone. When they would ask what the reason was, they were informed of the organization had informed them with threats or using other means to have them shut down. That is all it took. All over the nation, there have been other forms of threats, phone calls, and even letters sent to the cities when it comes to those who wrestle and have been shut down from being able to do so on account of certain organizations here in the United States and overseas who will stop at nothing to control their lives. One particular person who had a great job like this would find it later they were not going to be able to work much longer as due to all the cuts and cities refusing to let them be themselves due to dictatorships over them it has caused health issues, depression, loss of confidence and they do not care how it has affected these people. This has to stop. 


No organization has the right to tell a little person or any person for that matter what they can or can not do with their lives. It is not the way to keeping a community whole and letting people be themselves. However, most of these organizations will stop at nothing to only accept those with money values that can line their pockets to increase the popularity of their organizations by allowing what they choose to be acceptable. We are here to say that we do not support this method. Every single Little person on this planet has a right to do what they want, be who they want, work where they want and make money however they want to. It is not our place to judge or dictate what they can do with their lives. When you start making claims that people can't be who they are then your organizations are only hiding behind the largest hypocritical wall we have ever seen while they pretend to a wholesome company claiming not to judge others. It is so sad to see these types of behaviors being accepted by so many based on brainwashing and lack of true respect towards people. We praise little people in movies even if they smoke pot...well that's okay but NOT dressing up as an elf. As long as they endorse your company it's okay. We don't think so. It's not okay. The sooner you realize this the better it will be as a truth to a person being able to be themselves. We are here to say here and now that Little People of the World Organization has no issue with any person and what they do with their life, that is for them to decide and do. We carry no judgment in you wanting to dress up as an elf and make kids feel happy during the holidays, or that you want to wrestle because it is your passion. You should always be you no matter what. As we have also said and created the #BeYou campaign, keep following your dreams. We are here for you and will work hard to reverse these issues and let the world know we are NOT offended by what you do. If that was the case we would have to do the same to real wrestlers, people dressing up as fake characters and getting paid for it. We plan on writing letters to all the companies that have been threatened or spoken to that it is offensive as it is not and should not be. 


Question is it's okay to play in "Mirror - Mirror" as a fantasy dwarf or hobbit, but it's not okay to dress like an elf for Christmas? Money sure does talk with fame include.

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