How do I join?


We are so happy that you have decided to consider joining Little People of the World as a place to call home. It is really easy to join, and it's also free. Our memberships will never cost you a dime ever. Why take money from you for being you? To get started you simply need to go to our Members Application area. Fill out the form, and then submit.


Do I have to fill out an application to be a member?


Yes. We keep a record of each member for very good reasons. Members are the only ones that can have access to certain upcoming features, programs and much more.


Can my family fill out an application to be a member not in the household?


No. The only members we allow are those within a household or as an individual person with short stature under 4'11.


Do I have to be a “dwarf” in order to qualify for membership?


No. We are called Little People of the World for a reason. So many people even with a non-diagnosis that are under the height 4'11” also have many difficulties, but may not include all the medical issues that come with having dwarfism. There are many different types of short stature medical issues and we do not discriminate against that.



Is my information kept confidential?


Yes. Your information that you complete on any program application, membership forms or anything else including volunteer time is kept confidential. Our policy is very strict in the terms that we keep everyone as safe as possible. Our security system including with our 1and1 is top notch. No one will ever be allowed, even on request to have your information.


Why do we use Facebook to verify?


We use Facebook as a verification method with profiles to verify you are who you say you are. In some cases we do run into those that are “fake profiles”, or just made to try and see what they can do. Again, we ensure that all our members are safe and real before we allow them to join. From time to time we do investigate up to date on the profiles. However Facebook is not the only method we use. Our form you fill out during the membership application is extensive for a reason. So if there are any fakes more than likely they won't be able to fill it out correctly, or they will not complete it and try and submit. We do this for your safety.


Are there other ways to communicate with LP's?


Yes. We have a page called the Little Peoples Chat Rooms that you can go to and find the room you are looking for. You will have to create a profile in order to use the services we have provided. The chat rooms are free and we hope you will enjoy them. We do monitor them and have moderators to ensure a pleasant time while you are there.


What is the Youtube & Little People area?


The Little People Youtube area is amazing! Here Little People from all over the world can sign up as a member and also have their Youtube page placed on the website in that area. This allows to show all sorts of creative and amazing things you can learn from other little people from all over the world. When you sign up for a membership you can actually input your Youtube information and after we review it and deem it worthy (kid friendly and wholesome), we will then get your Youtube channel placed on the site.


Do we get paid for working with Little People of the World?


At this current point in time we are strictly only do a volunteer based program with everything we do together. In the later future we will have substantial pay programs for those who work a certain amount over time. We do encourage no more than 10 hours a week in working as a volunteer because we all do have outside lives as well.


Can I work with Little People of the World but be in another organization in the United States?


No. It is a conflict of interest with the programs and confidential information that we have to keep things secure we do not allow anyone that is part of any other organization inside the United States to work with us. This includes Canada or any other person whom has a membership with another company inside the United States. We do a background check prior before acceptance of your application.



How do I get my organization to be a partner of Little People of the World?


On the website you will go to the Affiliate Application area and fill out the form needed. You must be the owner of the organization or current leader of the organization in order to apply.


Can I represent my country for Little People of the World as an Ambassador if I'm not in a organization?


Yes. If you do not belong to a current organization or have been removed, or you left on your own terms for whatever reason you can apply to become an International Ambassador under the Career Area. Once you are approved you will then be the lead for your country under Little People of the World Organization.


As an Ambassador of my country can I recruit members?


Absolutely! Any members that you can obtain to becoming part of Little People of the World is a blessing and making the family even bigger. They will have to apply as a member to make it count and then they will be under your group with Little People of the World for _________ country.


What happens if I get banned from LPOTW?


If you are banned from Little People of the World and depending on the issue you can be banned for either a short term of 3 months and or up to 2 years based on the situation. It is not our goal to even have this happen but from time to time like any other company it does occur and we hate to even think of having to do this in the first place. We do not like drama and will not condone drama of any kind.


How do I report an issue?


If you feel that there is an issue that needs to be looked at no matter the reason you can simply email us at as soon as possible and we will investigate it right away. Keep in mind this can take up to 3-5 business days to conduct a full investigation and get back to you. We do try to make it no more than 72 hours but the 3-5 days is to ensure we have gone over everything we can. 


Is being a Facebook group member considered a membership?


No. The membership as a “group member”, is not considered a membership at all. It is just a place where we are all connected with social media. To be a true member of Little People of the World you need to follow the guide at the top.


Will you have conventions in the future?


Yes. We will have conventions that will consist of the entire world at certain times and will be updated 8 months before the conventions are held and what will be going on. The convention will cost nothing for you to attend at all and will have special discounts that will be involved with our partners. 



Do you have sections for my area?


Yes. In the website you can go over to Zones of LPOTW and check out where your location is. The “Zone” is considered your area where you will see the most activity that you can be apart of. More details on that will come as time moves forward with planning area as we continue.


Do you guys have products that promote Little People of the World?


Yes. In the website you can head over to Support Merchandise and select from over 20+ items. Any money made from the products is 100% used only for Little People of the World Corp. Head on over and check it out today! 




Founder David Breshears sets his eyes on 2020 for the first ever World Festival of the Little People. More information to come on what is to be expected.

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