October is just around the corner and we need your help in raising money to support our cause for the new first ever Little People of the World Festival. The cost of the overall festival will cost us about $25,000 after everything is said and done. For this being the first ever festival we want to ensure everyone has a great time and it works out well. 


The Festival will have people from all over the world coming in that are Little People and showing the many different things about their world and more. Following with companies and more. 


All over the world there are so many people who have many different types of dwarfism. With this in mind there are many different types of "information websites", or organizations that hold only conferences, or others you have to "pay a membership fee" just to be apart of. This is not something we want to see for all the little people around the world to have. 

With so many different types of dwarfism, with so many different types of conditions and problems it is time to focus on the help, the actual ability to be there for each and everyone of them to show support for them  in medical equipment with no cost to them, with getting places, improving methods of physical challenges and so much more. 

Our newly founded Organization needs your help for a good start at helping those who need it. Not just in the United States but all over the world. The world is filled with so many different types and so many have had problems with getting the ability outside their insurance to get proper help. So join us in helping us get this started for all the Ladies and Men, and all the children of the world.  Together we can make a new change for a better tomorrow.

Our goals for the funds:
1. To ensure a secure location and reserve areas for the companies and those apart of the Festival

2. To start a educational program that will gather cities great and wide across the world. 


3. Give Little people the chance to be more and get more in return. 

We can't do this without first getting where we want to be as a whole. So with your help this can happen!

October is.....



Founder David Breshears sets his eyes on 2020 for the first ever World Festival of the Little People. More information to come on what is to be expected.

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