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How to sign up:

  • Click sign up and choose either Facebook Instant login or use your email and create a password.
  • Mobile users once you have created your login profile you can add a picture. However, the bubble on the bottom right will shrink once created. Open the bubble back up select your room and begin to chat. 

Rules of the chat rooms:

  • Show respect to others
  • No use of profanity or showing inappropriate pictures
  • Do not list your phone or someone else's that doesn't belong to you
  • No bullying/harassment will be tolerated at all

Little People of the World Corporation is not responsible for anything that you may have happened outside the chatroom, or within private messages. If you feel you are in danger or please report it to your local authorities. If you are being harassed report it to us immediately with proof of screenshots, timestamps. If you alter any messages or blank anything we can't see, the investigation will be stopped and no further action will take place. We do monitor the chat and will remove any negative message from the person who creates it. The person that has a message removed will be warned only once and then banned if the actions continue. The terms of Little People of the World and all media are protect by the LPOTW standards and regulations.  

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