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Everyone has their own story. Everyone has experienced pain, whether physical or emotional. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them. Everyone deserves to be heard. 

For me, living with dwarfism has not always been easy. Judgements passed by others can cut deep. Overcoming challenges and culminating a positive attitude in the face of adversity can sometimes seem impossible..........


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My name is Larry. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a dwarf. Another appropriately used term is “little person” or “LP” for short. I have been practicing karate for 16 years now and jujitsu for 2 years. I have a second degree brown belt in karate and a purple belt in jujitsu. When I first started practicing martial arts I felt compelled to share my experiences and knowledge with my friends, family, and eventually other little people or handicap people. When I started practicing jujitsu I decided I would find a way to share my experiences.

The idea of this blog stems from a plan to develop a publication relating to martial arts and events for the state of West Virginia. In that publication I would have featured articles relating to handicap people and martial arts. After a few months of brainstorming I decided I would create a blog that focused on my experiences and adventures instead. I figure I would write about what I know best. I know a lot about me. I have spent 34 years with me. I also know a lot about my style of karate and jujitsu. I figure this would be a better place to share articles of other handicap people and little people practicing martial arts.

I plan to keep my blog posts light hearted and entertaining. I have a list of stories I plan to share from time practicing martial arts. I plan to show how karate and jujitsu has benefited me. I WONT use this blog to say one style is better than another. I have never cared to listen to people who think they practice a superior style to someone else. As Master Chotoku Kyan once said “…never brag about your karate…there is always someone better than you."

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