Being different is what this world is about. The world is already a ground for changes made everyday. Here at Little People of the World we love changes and embrace differences from all over the world. This area are for those who will be able to express, and come together as one with their differences and share their amazing journey to everyone! This page is dedicated to helping you connect and more. We look forward to having you apart as yourself, a human being with a mind of your own in what is how you were made to be perfect in your own way!

Mary Hargrove - LGBTQ Chairman for Little People of the World Corp.

LGBT - refers to any non-heterosexual and/or any non-cisgendered human. My goal for this group/committee is to make sure everyone in our LPOTW Community has a place to be themselves, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression and the like. We have a Facebook Group (<click it), and hopefully expand to other platforms. I want to make this a safe space whether you're in the closet or out, so please email me (or find me on Facebook) with any ideas! No idea or person is too small to make a difference!

Civil Rights & You

Civil rights concern the basic right to be free from unequal treatment based on certain protected characteristics (race, gender, disability, etc.) in settings such as employment, education, housing, and access to public facilities. A civil rights violation occurs in designated situations where an individual is discriminated against on the basis of a protected characteristic. Most civil rights laws are established through the federal government via federal legislation or case law.

Little People of the World LGBTQ Pride Awareness - June 2018

Be Free! Be Yourself! Get in the fun!

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