Our Ambassador Team

Mohammed Idan Jabbar


Ambassador & President of 

Short Statured People of Iraq

Changing the lives around the Middle East one day at a time. Mohammed is the President of SSPI which started in 2013, and has worked very hard to make changes with his government to better the lives of others with dwarfism and other short statured conditions. 

Mohamed is experience with computer egineering and design for over 5 years. 




Tamara Johnson

British Columbia, Canada


Representing her sector for Canada in the British Columbia province. Tamara is experienced with management for over 5 years and has worked very hard to make the world a happier place by motivating others to be just as they are.



Ielynke Ploeger

Ambassador of The Netherlands

Problem solver and a people person. Strong background in both management and leading counsel with over 20 years experience. Her team of members consist of her two sons both with dwarfism as well who will help play a key role in amazing changes and growth for the future.



Our Ambassador Team

Yasmina Haddad

Ambassador of Lebanon

Founder of Little People of Lebanon Organization

Creator and Founder of Little People of Lebanon. 

Outstanding character building skills with major experience in management and communication. 



Paul Drummond 

Support Team

Ontario, Canada

When he isn't break dancing, he is out in the world trying to make happiness and help others. He joined to bring Canada of the Ontario area closer to the world of people just like himself and others with dwarfism. 



Alina Tatucu

Ambassador of Romania

Vice President of Asociatia Oamenilor Mici. Devoting her time for her country to make a difference. She is working hard to show her country the better of each person no matter their size. 



Our Team

Yarraka Bayles

Ambassador of Australia 



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