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Help us with their journies in life by giving back! These amazing and wonderful members or other little people from around the world have come to us for help  with a  brave heart or determination to share their story and ask for your support! With care and support we can all make a difference!

*Qualifications- Medical, Housing, Job loss financials

The account must be registered to you with your name, and your information profile being yours. Due to legal reasons, we can not make postings of GoFundme accounts unless the owner and profile mater the person or family in question.


For the first time ever Team Made In North America will be competing in the Dwarf World Cup or “Copa America”. For the first time in history this will be the largest ever dwarf soccer tournament in the world. Team North America is made up of eleven of the most epic and talented dwarfs from the United States and Canada. Go Team Made In  North America!


This is a great opportunity for us to all show our support for our country and fellow northern friends to represent us. Let's help them make sure their costs can be covered so they can win and represent what we knew all along. We have the best Dwarf Soccer Team in the World.


Competitions start off with the team playing in Argentina from October 23rd -29th. 


Click the GoFundme button below and help them raise money to get where they need to be!

The Pullon Family are in need of our help. Recently they lost their home and discrimination was involved. During this point in time they are struggling and need assistance in getting paying for their hotel costs until they get approved for a new house. Help us help them! 

Hurricane Victim:

Rob & Ashley and their family have been going through a lot. We hope that we can banned together in helping them get back on their feet. Here is their story!


So a little of what's been going on...

Saturday night is when it all started here. We were watching some tv that night when all the sudden our back porch came crashing down, thankfully not hitting the house but definitely was a very loud crash. The water was rising but looked as if we were fine as far as water coming in the house, but we were wrong. We woke up Sunday morning to rising water inches from our house so packed up laptops and chargers, but before we could get anything else the water was in our house. We were able to be rescued by the local firemen who were picking up people in dump trucks. We (even our dogs) were moved to a church down the street and stayed Sunday and through Sunday night. We were trying everything we could to get to my parents house because the church was not fully prepared to take care of that many people and their home was still not in any danger of getting water. So Monday morning my dad set up a 3 stage military "rescue mission" to get us to my parents house. He and my brother got a canoe and got us across the flooded creek to waiting cars. Needless to say by 11:00 we were safe and drying at the Barden house. Tuesday morning we woke up to about 2" of water in their house, but everything had been raised up on bricks so was luckily spared much damage. Thankfully it' was easily swept and dried out and we never lost power. We weren't able to get back to our house till Wednesday. 
Rob's scooter had to be left at the house so is ruined. (Update we did get a scooter donated thankfully) So honestly all in all we are fine. Pretty shaken up but fine. We are extremely fortunate to have family and friends to lean on but it's going to take a lot to get rebuilt with no flood insurance.


My name is Murooj Alyawar and I suffer from dwarfism. I am 35 years old and I live in Iraq, where I can’t rely on any help or support from the government: here, no law financially helps nor protects handicapped people. Unsurprisingly, my disability and gender also appear to be the main obstacles in getting a job in my country: many offers I applied for were finally given to taller women.

Without an income or governmental aid, it’s almost impossible for me to face the extremely harsh conditions my country encounters. My life in Iraq now depends on my family’s generosity. I moved from Baghdad to Arbil and Erbil to live with my relatives but none of my brothers and sisters can’t afford my staying in their homes. I now moved back to my parents’ place in Baghdad, but my father cannot take care of us with his small pension. As the streets are being insecure due to the war and other attacks, I spend most of my days locked inside. It now becomes more and more clear that I have to leave Iraq to aim a better life. My ambition now would be to legally emigrate to the United States of America and collect sufficient money to finance my first six month overseas. This time will be spent in finding a job and a hopefully better situation in a country that isn’t undermined by discrimination, sexism and corruption.

I’ll be really grateful for your generosity and it would mean everything to me. Every donated cent will be spent on my immigration. Please help me changing my life! 

God bless.



Its that time of year again! The joy of giving! Help us give a family a great and special holiday season this year. You can donate by clicking here The Joy Of Giving!

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