Disability Determination Process

This information is provided by the Social Security Administration and is only intended for the use of information. We do not have the ability to approve or deny you for any disability claims. Some tips were placed in this in part to the readings.

LPOTW is not partnered with the SSA. Please use this information as a tool to helping you. For more information call the SSA directly at 1-800-772-1213 ,or by visiting their official website of the SSA at https://www.ssa.gov

A lot of people have a hard time with being able to determie whether or not that they can apply for disablity, which you can check easily with your doctors, or by doing further research. Below is strictly on a information base only. We want to make sure that ease of access is provided as you are on our website. Please remember that we do not have the power to approve or deny any disability claims and that you are only seeing this as a research based form. Those with dwarfism are usually denied whether there is proof so be ready. 

What you need to know! Most Social Security disability claims are initially processed through a network of local Social Security Administration (SSA) field offices and State agencies (usually called Disability Determination Services or DDSs). Before you do this always make sure you have all the proper information ready in advance. The DDSs are very strict about what information they get and during which time if they have any questions this could become a denial right away. Having everything prior will be a lot easier to get accepted but is not 100%. The SSA has denied people with dwarfism even if conditions are rather severe, so be ready and have an attorney on standby. Again, usually the attorney won't take a case until typically the 2nd or 3rd denial. They do hav etheir own inhouse doctors so have at least 3 of your own that can give the same reasoning. 

Subsequent appeals of unfavorable determinations may be decided in a DDS or by an administrative law judge in SSA's Office of Disability Adjudication and Review. IF you are given a hearing don't miss that hearing no matter what. If you can't make that hearing set to date call them in advance up to 3 weeks. 

Social Security representatives in the field offices usually obtain applications for disability benefits in person, by telephone, by mail, or by filing online. Filing online is the easiest and quickest way but not always the best way. Try and always set up an appointent with the SSI office nearest you to get an application filed. The application and related forms ask for a description of the claimant's impairment(s), treatment sources, and other information that relates to the alleged disability. (The "claimant" is the person who is requesting disability benefits.)

The field office is responsible for verifying non-medical eligibility requirements, which may include age, employment, marital status, or Social Security coverage information. The field office then sends the case to a DDS for evaluation of disability. 

If you were injured on the job or based on dwarfism you were no longer able to work because of conditionings worsening be sure and include that with great detail. Include the functions of the job and what made things worse. 

If the job was making your conditions worse, whether it was a sit down job or not include all problems you faced. Don't leave anything blank. 

On the form there is an area which says,"Would you like to include anything else?". Do this because the application can make it impossible to always make yourself clear to all issues. So use this with full description and anyone involved include names and numbers. 

The DDSs, which are fully funded by the Federal Government, are State agencies responsible for developing medical evidence and making the initial determination on whether or not a claimant is disabled or blind under the law.

Usually, the DDS tries to obtain evidence from the claimant's own medical sources first. If that evidence is unavailable or insufficient to make a determination, the DDS will arrange for a consultative examination (CE) to obtain the additional information needed. The claimant's treating source is the preferred source for the CE, but the DDS may obtain the CE from an independent source. After completing its development of the evidence​, trained staff at the DDS makes the initial disability determination.

Then​, the DDS returns the case to the field office for appropriate action. If the DDS found that the claimant is disabled, SSA completes any outstanding non-disability development, computes the benefit amount, and begins paying benefits. If the claimant was found not to be disabled, the file is kept in the field office in case the claimant decides to appeal the determination.

Did you know? Those with disabilities even from birth will never make enough from benefits to survive on their own after the age of 18. Why? The Federal government does this on a average height based program which typically even then is based off a retirement. SSI credits and more may be considered. So the typical average for a person who has a full fledged disability will make about $700-$800 a month to live off live for life. This leaves no room to honestly live within a reasonable form of life. 


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