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A lot of people with dwarfism or other short stature medical diagnosis suffer from major pains in the back and legs on a daily basis, making it very hard for them to work. As stated we want to give you a free guide on just how you can go through the process. Our customer service agents can also help you. Below on the right corner of the screen, you can click on that icon and start getting help right away during normal business hours.


We are going to show you the steps on how to get started as a simple guide through what you can look for.


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Applying for Social Security disability benefits is sometimes a difficult process, a disability attorney increase your chances of being awarded benefits by helping accurately complete the paperwork that is needed, and providing you with representation at a hearing. Attorneys receive compensation if you are awarded back benefits.


Before you apply for benefits you need to make sure and do the following:


  • Make sure you have spoken to your doctor about all of your issues.

  • If you were in an accident you want to have all the documents saved and kept in a safe place

  • If you are suffering and unable to work completely than you need to make sure and apply quickly so you don't get behind with your life

  • Be sure and have your doctor refer you to specialist to do the proper diagnosis with your condition as this will help increase your chances quicker to getting disability.

  • During the process of the application it will ask you for a list of information from:

  • Medications

  • Time you have been out of work with the last date of work

  • List of doctors

  • Condition

  • Diagnosis of the condition

  • How you perform normal/daily task

  • Proper documents from your doctor may be required, but may not be requested at the beginning.


Most of the time a lawyer will not accept working on a disability case until after your 3rd denial letter. Be sure that you save all the information that you can. During each denial, you can file an appeal and this is crucial that you do this.


During the time of “each denial”, be sure and keep a regular appointment with your doctors. If you are seeing any specialist keep those appointments. Don't stop your medications you are taking that are prescribed to you to help you at least cope with the pain somewhat.

During your waiting period, you can actually apply for SSA which can help you while waiting on your SSI.


Obtaining disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA) can be a lengthy process. During your wait, you are waiting for an approval for SSI or SSDI benefits, you may experience serious financial hardship. The same hardship can occur if your SSI benefits are ever terminated or suspended, and you have no income while you appeal the decision.

Most states provide public assistance, or "general assistance," if you qualify. You can often receive some financial benefits from a state agency while your application or appeal while the SSA is pending. However, you'll need to pay back the state with your Social Security benefits back-pay (payments you are due from the date of your application to present).


You will need to file for interim assistance. "Interim assistance" is a benefit from your state, usually from its public assistance or general assistance (GA) program, which is often part of the Department of Social Services or Department of Health and Social Services. It consists of a monetary benefit paid directly to you, and sometimes payments made by the state agency to service providers on your behalf. In many states, Medicaid is also available based on a "categorically medically needy" basis.


Applying for Interim Assistance


Before you can receive interim assistance, you will have to file an application for SSI benefits. At this point, you should already be filed and have an investigation going. You then can apply for interim assistance and sign what's called an interim assistance agreement or interim assistance reimbursement agreement. You will be approved for interim assistance only if there is a strong likelihood that your SSI application for benefits from the SSA will also be approved; in other words, you must be severely disabled.


Additionally, you must meet the state's public assistance criteria. The public assistance criteria in your jurisdiction should be similar to the eligibility requirements of the SSI program. For example, if your income exceeds what is allowable by the SSI when determining the eligibility of benefits, you might not be able to receive interim assistance.


The interim assistance agreement is a promise to repay the state agency that provides the interim benefits. Essentially, the benefits you receive from the state are basically a loan.


After Social Security application is approved by the SSA, you should receive several months of back pay, from the first of the month following the month in which you applied for SSI, to the present. The interim assistance agreement that you will be required to complete and sign allows the SSA to deduct the total amount of your interim assistance benefits from your SSI backpay lump sum. Then, the SSA will repay any remainder to you.


For more information, ask a field representative at your local SSA office or call 800-772-1213.


What do I do during my investigation if I am not able to get the assistance from SSA?


During this time it can be a rough patch while you wait. One way you can get help is by going to your local service center. File for medicaid benefits and other programs that can help you. Some offices may be able to even help you with financial help during your time and you need to be sure and apply for each thing that can possibly help. Don't be afraid to ask questions.


Typically during the investigation if you have full proof of your disability you can have one or two things occur.

  • You can have a letter stating you have been approved for benefits (this is not always common), and you will be required to do what the letter states to complete your approval

  • You can/will receive a letter in the mail letting you know that a hearing at their local SSI Court Administration office. If you receive this letter be sure and make the appointment or you will be rejected. You will appear with your lawyer and appear before a judge for determination.


What do I do if I can't make the hearing?


You need to make sure you contact the local office as soon as possible and let them know exactly what is going on.


If you are the parent of the child who is filing please make sure and follow the same steps and keep every record.




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