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  • David Marshall (Wednesday, March 04 20 12:56 pm EST)

    I think the LPOTW is an amazing organization for little people. This organization actually cares about it's members and not about financial gain like other organizations. David B is an outstanding president and really cares for the members.

  • Emily Lee (Wednesday, March 04 20 08:16 am EST)

    When my daughter was diagnosed with MOPDII, I was completely at a loss of people to connect with and help find support. This organization has been amazing with the amount of love and communication. I am so proud to be a member and even more proud to be a staff at such a wonderful community. David as done an amazing job and I can not wait to be apart of this first ever convention in 2022!

  • David Breshears (Wednesday, March 04 20 04:09 am EST)

    When I started this company I had no idea how well it would set off, and become such a powerful place to meet little people and find ways to help them with their lives. Everyday I wake up determined to find new ways, new ideas to open up to and bring to the table. I'm so happy that Little People of the World Organization is here for all of you to be apart of something with no tie downs, no favoritism, no clicks, just you getting to be you and loving life to the fullest.

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