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I want to personally welcome all of you to the Little People of the World Organization. We are here to resolve issues that for a long time have been suppressed, and focus on the struggles that are upon us each day. Our future generations will continue to have the struggles and hard times. Our organization has been placed to help everyone we can all around the world. Generations need a comforting place they can call home and feel like they will always have an outside family they can count on. Our mission has and will always be to service all of the little people of the world. I'm so proud to be a part of this organization as we look forward to making so many lives feel like they belong once again and can fit in the general areas of society even with their difficulties. When I created this organization, I created it on based reasons that I couldn't let go of. With the grace of God and after much-needed prayer and focus on what can I do to help, it was obvious.


I have heard so many different stories that have completely crushed my heart and put me on a mission to help each and every person I can. So came Little People of the World Organization, and with this and the support of so many, it is such a pleasure to be on this mission and watch it blossom and grow. My heart has always been set to love the people and those around me, and that is one part of me that will never end. LPOTW is here for you. I'm so proud to extend my hand and be there just for you!


God Bless,


David Breshears

President / Founder of, Little People of the World Org.

Little People of the World Corp on Biteable.

Little People Of The World is a national & international not-for-profit organization that was established in the United States in Jacksonville, Florida of 2017 for all the little people of the world including the families of known little people.

We stand by knowing that education is knowledge and the no "one" word can define us no matter what we do

LPOTW is place to come and not only meet other little people in your local areas, state or even countries, LPOTW is a place to call home, to be free and never pay to prove that you are who you are. We welcome all little people to come be apart of LPOTW to gain knowledge, and support to all the families in need. LPOTW focuses on helping more than just the basis of knowledge and showing support. We want to focus on helping families gain the needs rather then having to overlook them. LPOTW will always be there for all the little people. LPOTW both national and international has the outreach and major potential to make sure from the north, south, east and west will be able to be there for you the little people of the world.

LPOTW have classes set for helping gain more knowledge about dwarfism and others who need help understanding the condition. Beyond speakers, giving special classes around events and more. LPOTW is here to give the members everything they can. This world needs more than just an attachment to each other. LPOTW will give more than any other organization can and ever has. Join us in strengthening the world of little people and the families who have children with dwarfism.. 100% of the funds are used to help strengthen families and help with supplying families with what they need. LPOTW has a strict policy to never judge any family on any basis. Proceeds will be managed by only the most qualified of staff.

Ways we will help:

  • List jobs that are available for and in local areas that can help not only with disabled little people also those who are struggling with finding a job in general.

  • Help the college graduates with jobs who are willing to relocate

  • Families in need financially who are struggling ( Covering up to $300.00 for financial help) Proper documentation required with business information and billing details.

  • Families in local areas that are in need of construction issues within their homes due to physical limitations. ( 2 families a year will be selected for this program)

  • Families of lost jobs with medical bills that need help. ( Applications must be approved) Basis of amount will be based on amount of approved applications for the month.

  • Give information for every type of medical doctors associated in specializing in dwarfism in all fields with a listing for the United States of America and all other countries.

  • Information for businesses that are owned specifically by little people

  • Businesses that specialize in helping little people in their homes, clothing, and more.



Its that time of year again! The joy of giving! Help us give a family a great and special holiday season this year. You can donate by clicking here The Joy Of Giving!

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