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Welcome to Little People Of The World Corporation®  (LPOTW) the #1 place by bringing the world together one day at a time, one small step at a time. Little People of the World provides 100% free membership for life with assistance programs and information, and other set programs designed specifically for those with dwarfism of all types, as well those with short stature skeletal dysplasia (those diagnosed with a form of dwarfism), and or those who were born under 4'10", including those who have the potential of growth up to 5'1 as some can reach this height. We also accept all 400+ types of dwarfism which includes forms of people with growth hormone deficiency [GHD], isolated growth hormone deficiency. This first-ever organization to accept all sizes and types. Little People of the World encourages all families even with average height parents to be included. Each and every life matters with the many types of dwarfism or short stature diagnosis, and it is our pleasure to serve you with each struggle, and amazing ideas that come from each person. As a worldwide organization, all countries matter too, providing the best support, new programs, and assistance we can by bringing organizations together.

Little people of all types & sizes, all over the world are always seeking new ways to better improve their lives, meet other people like them and so much more. However, it can be a struggle for many little people in many countries around the world to be able to afford or be able to get to places due to several difficult issues they may have or the neglect of their country's government policies. Our goal is to remove those problems and become a stronger more built and well-established community here at Little People of the World Organization®.  You will never be judged based on your stature, your lifestyle choices, or what you do for a living, or even the "word" you choose to describe yourself. We are all different beyond just our dwarfism and here at Little People of the World®, we respect that. Our members are like family. Working together to find better solutions to problems that have been around for so long and never taken care of. Being positive and finding a better way of life is our goal. We all can make a difference.

Little People of the World benefits:

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  • FREE Membership for life! Click Here [We are not linked or affiliated to any other company/organization.] 

  • FREE 24/7 Chat Room Live for all members and friends! Click here

  • Meet other little people all over the world and share your stories. 

  • (NO MEMBERSHIP FEE EVER - Never pay to be a dwarf again!) Your disability check shouldn't be burdened for just being you. Should it cost you to prove you are a dwarf to a company. The simple answer is, NO!

  • Raise funds to help families in need with medical equipment, and health issue concerns, assistance, and other areas at a 100% fund rate. No payments are charged to you ever. That includes open conventions, events, and so much more.

  • Investigate new treatment methods to help treat many different types of conditions with dwarfism and other short-statured people with much larger studies provided by us with our medical teams working directly. You will never pay for anything provided to you with our doctors all over the world. So stay connected always! Your life matters. 

  • Unite all organizations around the world to work together on making greater solutions. Never being divided on any differences we may have or opinions. It's all about doing what is right for those with dwarfism, short stature medical diagnosis, and every other type of skeletal dysplasia involving the factors of growth and structural issues of the body. It's time that we pave the way for a real better tomorrow.   

  • Raise awareness and help other countries in need to build a better future for those with dwarfism. Keep in mind awareness is not everything, it only can bring light to a subject that needs work. Let's make that happen together.

  • Teach our children how to cope with the world on a better understanding of who they are and share and educate across the world. Let's help the children not focus on the negative on words, or how they look but by showing them they can be anything and everything they want to be.  

  • New programs that are built and meant for specific needs, and assistance that will make life easier every day with new research, and technology that has not been utilized as it should be for those with dwarfism.

  • Giving every little person the opportunity to be who they are and not what society or other organizations disagree on. We are all made different even with dwarfism. We must teach the future to not judge what a person feels, thinks, or even uses a word.  

  • Special research teams built around working for you. 

Join the fight show the world what truly is going on! Medical Survey of the Worlds

LPOTW -A  World Worth Living For Convention coming 2022! Be sure and watch for the dates and upcoming events and more [Support Our Cause click here]

Celebrating 3 years of amazing hard work and dedication! We love all of you who are part of LPOTW!

David Marshall Heading the new LGBTQ of LPOTW 

We are so proud to be picked for the Jacksonville 2019 -Best of Jacksonville for Non-Profit Organizations. This means the world to us! We love you Jacksonville, Florida

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